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IPCamPower POE Powered Server Rack LED Light Kit - Wireless Light Switch - Ambient Lighting for Your Network Cabinet and AV Enclosure

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Color: Green

IPCamPower's POE Powered Server Rack LED Light Kit

The Easiest Way to Add Ambient Lighting to Your Network Cabinet and AV Enclosure

Server Rack Lighting Kit — Powered by POE

Simply use one of your unused POE ports to power this light and brighten up your server rack while adding some attractive glow at the same time.

Includes Wireless Battery Operated Light Switch

Kit includes a wireless battery operated light switch used to turn on/off your light as you desire. Double Sided tape is included for easy and convenient installation. Install the light switch up to 50 meters away from the POE Receiver.

Includes Super Bright LED 12" Premium Light Strip

The light strip comes in 6 color options and has a black background so that it blends in well with your server rack. Also comes with 6' black wire leads that you can cut to your desire length.

The strip is over engineered for the application as it is encompassed in silicone which makes it IP68 Rated (you could dip this in water). The silicone has a sleek arched design and has super strong 3M Double Sided tape for easy installation.

Includes POE Receiver

Our unique POE Receiver takes incoming POE on one end and converts it to 12V DC out the other end to power the light. The receiver also receives the wireless signal from the light switch to "tell" the light to turn on/off.

Requires atleast 15 watts of POE power to operate but is suggested to have atleast 17 watts for full power. Receiver can power up to 2 Light Strips if atleast 17 watts of POE is used. Receiver includes double sided tape for easy installation.

Simple Installation

Simply plug a network cable from your POE switch into the POE Receiver. Wire the Light Strip to the POE Receivers terminal connection. Install the included battery in the light switch and follow the easy programming instructions to pair the receiver to the light switch. Use the double sided tape to apply all the components to wherever you desire. Boom, you are done!

No Complex Networking

Matter of fact, the POE Receiver is not even a networkable device. All it does is use the POE power from your POE switch. The whole kit is simple, effective, convenient and attractive.