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About Us

About IPCamPower

My name is Sean Nelson and I started IPCamPower in 2015 with one goal in mind: To supply POE switches that are designed primarily for IP Cameras. Since then, our mission has grown dramatically.

Sean Nelson, the Founder of Nelly's Security and IPCamPower

The story of IPCamPower begins in 2008 with my original business, Nelly's Security. Over the past decade, Nelly's Security has grown into one of the web's leading providers of security products. We sell everything from security cameras, to video recorders, to alarm panels, to access control, and more. As our customer base grew, I became aware of a problem many of our security dealers were facing: most Power over Ethernet solutions on the market just weren't optimized for IP security camera systems.

When I started my business, most PoE switches were designed for all-purpose scenarios, used to power devices like IP phones and other low-power electronics. These switches often didn't have the power specifications that IP cameras required. Even worse, a lot of the switches on the market were Hybrid PoE and Non-PoE switches. For instance, you might have a 16-port switch with only 8 PoE ports. When used for a security camera system, installers would have to use multiple hybrid switches, leaving a ton of wasted and totally useless ports. I knew right away that my customers needed something different.

An old hybrid PoE switch

So I got to work, and IPCamPower was born. These PoE switches were specifically optimized for IP security camera systems in two ways. First, they produce enough power for a complete security system. Second, they were full PoE switches. With one switch, you could power a full 4, 8, or 16 IP camera system. Each switch also had to have at least 2 additional uplink ports: one to connect to the NVR and another one to connect to the router. No more multiple strings of switches. No more wasted ports. No more hassle. This sounds like a simple enough idea, but at the time these PoE switch features were not common.

PoE Switches from IPCamPower

IPCamPower was a big hit with our customers, so we grew our catalog. We picked up 24- and 48-port switches and brought on additional accessories, such as PoE extenders. Eventually the demand grew beyond our customer base at Nelly's Security and I established IPCamPower as its own independant brand. Now IPCamPower is sold on Amazon, Newegg,, and of course

As our business model at IPCamPower has expanded, so has our mission. Our goal is no longer to simply supply our customers with PoE switches. Don't get me wrong, we still do that. But we also do a lot more. Now our goal at IPCamPower is this: to supply the IP camera Installer with high-quality products to make their installations easier.

At Nelly's Security and IPCamPower, when we set our minds to a task, we excel. So when we say our goal is to make your installations easier, you can rest assured that we will accomplish our goal. We've come a long way, but we're not done. So be sure to check back often to see what kind of cool stuff we have to increase your efficiency and simplify your life.