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HDMI & USB Transmitter & Receiver over CAT5e CAT6 for Security DVRs & NVRs , Network Based, Plug n Play, 1080p

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  • Have you ever wanted to put your Security Monitor at a much farther distance than what a typical HDMI cable can reach? This products solves that problem and gives you mouse control at the remote monitor as well! 
  • Through a direct connection from the transmitter to the receicer, this device will transmit your HDMI, USB and IR remote signal from your DVR/NVR all over one network cable (CAT5e or CAT6) up to 650' away
  • You can also connect the transmitter and receiver to a local area network through a Network Switch (must be gigabit rated switch). No IP Addressing or complicated setup is required. Plug n Play. (Only one Transmitter/Receiver can go onto 1 LAN)
  • BONUS: Use in conjuction with our POE monitors to send Power, HDMI, USB, and IR Signals all over one CAT5e/CAT6 cable.
  • Transmitter unit comes with an HDMI loopout which allows you to display to a monitor that is directly nearby your DVR/NVR and send an additional signal to a distant monitor.
  • Power supplies come with USB style power cords. This will allow you to use your monitors USB connection to power the receiver unit if you desire. If not, just use the included power adapters.