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IPCamPower POE to 12V DC Converter with Wireless Receiver for POE Lighting (IPCP-WIPOERECEIVER)

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  • Takes Incoming POE Power and Converts and Outputs 12V DC Power. Can be used with any standard POE Switch or POE NVR. Requires minimum of 15 Watts POE but suggested is atleast 17 Watts or greater. Does not work with the uncommon passive POE power.
  • Has built-in Wireless Receiver to Receive a 433 Mhz wireless signal from IPCamPower's battery operated light switch. Requires IPCamPower's model "REMOTESWITCH" to work.
  • Has 3 different programmable modes that will tell the receiver to turn on/off the 12V DC output current to the light. #1) Light Switch Mode (Works like a typical light switch) #2) Constant Push Mode (Will only leave the light on when the REMOTESWITCH is held down) #3) Double Remote Mode - Requires one REMOTESWITCH to turn on the light and a seperate one to turn it off.
  • Typically used as a component in IPCamPower's Simplified POE Lighting System. However it can used for any scenario in which you need to remotely turn on/off current to a 12V DC Powered Device. Maximum output current is 1.2 Amps at 12VDC when using a POE power supply that is pushing atleast 17 watts or greater.
  • Up to 31 REMOTESWITCH'es can be programmed to 1 of these IPCP-WIPOERECEIVER's. Countless IPCP-WIPOERECEIVERS can be prgrammed into 1 IPCamPower REMOTESWTICH.