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As an IP camera installer, you sometimes need to get creative to solve problems. These are some of our best sellers for a reason. They solve problems. They can solve 2 different problems either simultaneously or by themselves.

#1) What happens if you have a camera that requires a cable run over 300'? Everyone knows that when you go over 300' on a network cable run, it presents problems. Thats when you need to introduce one of our repeaters mid span. Our repeaters can extend a network "signal" in additional 300'. Daisy chain 2 of them for an incredible 900' cable run.

#2) Lets say you have 2 IP cameras out in a barn, but you only have one network cable running from the house to the barn. In a pickle? Not with our EXT2P and EXT2PG. This essentially takes one incoming POE "signal" and splits it up into 2 which gives it the ability to power 2 IP POE cameras. Yes thats right. This is a POE powered 2 Port POE switch. This was rated as being the best thing since sliced bread.