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POE to 12V DC Converter w/ POE Pass Through, 802.3af/at, Gigabit POE Power Splitter and Extender

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  • Innovative Dual-Function POE Power Splitter: Converts incoming POE to a 12V DC output and a POE output. Unlike traditional POE splitters that only convert POE to 12V DC and pass through network traffic, the IPCamPower POE splitter not only performs these functions but also passes through POE. This unique feature allows you to power both an IP camera and an additional 12V DC device while maintaining network connectivity with speeds up to 1 Gigabit Per Second (10/100/1000).
  • Accepts up to 30 watts of active POE Input (802.3at standard). Outputs a maximum of 15 watts of active POE output (802.3af standard). Also Outputs a maximum of 1.2 amps of 12V DC Output. The splitter consumes a maximum of 3 watts for self operation while passing through a maximum of 27 watts to be shared between the POE output and the 12V DC Output. The strength of your POE Injector/Switch and Cable Length Runs can cause these performance specifications to vary.
  • POE Network Extender: The POE output also functions as a network extender, allowing you to extend cable runs by an additional 328 feet (100 meters) to another downstream POE device. Alternatively, it can be used to daisy-chain to another IPCamPower POE Splitter, providing greater flexibility and reach for your security network.
  • Versatile Power Solutions: Ideal for scenarios where you need to power a POE camera along with any 12V DC device simultaneously. Examples of 12V DC devices include IR illuminators, standard white lights, horns, sirens, and strobes. These devices can be installed next to a POE-powered camera to enhance its functionality. Let your creativity flow and design a setup that meets your specific needs!
  • Compact and Attractive Design: Measuring just 3-1/8" inches long by 1.12 inches wide (9.25" long with cable extended), This splitter is designed for indoor use only. 1 year warranty. A must have tool for any IP camera or Low Voltage Installer.

Downloads: Spec Sheet